Wood turning

Wood turning made to any shape.
All products are 100% australian made.

Antique Furniture

Reproduction Cupboards

  • Solid timber, quarter sawn hoop pine

Barometer and thermometer

  • Solid maple

  • Curved blade

  • Nautical curved spoon oars blade

  • Solid red cedar tables and book case

  • Dining room station, solid tasmanian oak

  • Solid cedar picture frame

    Mahogany bar coasters

Timber Oars & Sweeps

  • Dingy oars

    Dingy Oars

    100% timber – round or square backed

  • surfboat rowing oars

    Dingy Oars

    Strong and durable but lightweight and easy to handle.

  • timber sweep oars

    Dingy Oars

    100% Australian made. Beautifully epoxy laminated

  • Surf Oars

    Surf Oars

    Carbon Composite – round or square backed

  • surfboat rowing oars

    Surfboat Rowing Oars

    Our new square backed sleeve is composed of a new hardened heat shrink poly – this eliminates jamming in the rowlock when trailing oars

  • timber sweep oars

    Timber Sweep Oars

    4 laminations in centre with ash backing

  • sculling oars

    Sculling Oars

    40% Carbon Content
    Blade Shapes - Cleaver and Smoothie

  • dragon boat sweep oars

    Dragonboat Sweep Oars

    Sweep Oars – 3 laminations in centre
    100% Timber

  • smoothie oars


    4 laminations in centre with ash backing

  • Hi-tech copy shaper

    The oars are shaped by a new Hi-Tech Copy Shaper

  • carbon composite kit

    Carbon Composite Surf Sweep Oar In Kit Form


  • Senior Surf Life Saving Reels

  • Senior Alloy Surf Life Saving Reels

  • Collaroy ladies march past team

Surf Boats

Refurbishments - Before and After

Greenland Paddles

Greenland Paddles

The Greenland paddle (GP) has seen a dramatic increase in popularity in recent years due to their efficiency over long distances or in windy conditions. They differ from the more common European bladed paddle by incorporating a narrower and longer blade. The blade is less than four inches wide and tapers to a shaft or "loom" whose length is about the width of the kayakers' shoulders. This paddle shape reduces the stress on hands, elbows, and shoulders while giving smooth and controllable power to the kayaker. The Greenland paddle feels very natural and intuitive.

My paddles are made out of Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar. All laminated Shafts.
Paddles made to your specifications. Custom made.



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